Transport, storage and processing of photo chemicals & materials

Schleswig-Holstein, Hamburg
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As a certified specialist waste management company, NAVEG GmbH has been providing waste and disposal services to customers in Schleswig Holstein, Hamburg, Bremen and Lower Saxony since 1998. Our core competence lies in the environmentally friendly and efficient recycling of film waste. The film washing system used at the Schwarzenbek site near Hamburg has been approved in accordance with the German Federal Immission Control Act. After manual screening, the films are shredded and subjected to an enzymatic washing bath. During this process, the evaporated silver halide layer is removed from the film carrier material. After a short drying time, the washed PET particles are packed in big bags and sent for plastic recycling. Our recycling procedure naturally guarantees the complete, back-information-safe destruction of all data contained on the films;
This is controlled and monitored by our data protection officer. Due to the high capacity of the plant, we are also increasingly focusing on international business relations and the professional exploitation of old films worldwide.


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