We offer you cost-effective, sustainable and tailor-made solutions for the disposal of your printing waste. Environmentally friendly recycling of waste from offset, web or digital printing as well as from publishing houses is ensured by our certified specialist waste disposal companies. Our modern vehicle fleet makes it possible to collect small quantities to large quantities of waste from your premises and to transport hazardous goods in accordance with the Hazardous Goods Ordinance. For the disposal of liquid and pasty waste, we are happy to provide you with collection containers ranging from 20 liters to 1,000 liters.

We see ourselves as your contact and contractual partner for all questions concerning your individual request – our claim is your satisfaction.

- roller washing agent
- paints and varnishes, printing inks, lacquer wash water
- aluminium pressure plates
- washing fleece
- empty containers, canisters, drums, IBCs

- fixing baths, developer solutions (pre-press)
- offset printing plate developer
- reprofilm, mounting foils
- plastic-, aluminium printing plates
- roller washing agent
- varnish wash water
- gum
- dispersion varnish, UV varnish
- ink fountain films
- washing fleece, cleaning cloths, cleaning rags
- suction and filter materials
- ink, toner, toner cartridges
- packaging with harmful buildup
- contaminated containers, empty containers, canisters, drums, IBCs

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