Plant decom­missioning

For the dismantling of plants and their cleaning we offer you favorable and custom-made solutions. We are your competent partner for all problems and questions concerning the dismantling of tank farms and are always at your side with words and deeds.

You want to dispose your tank facilities in the field of photo chemicals collection or properly dismantle or shut down your heating oil tanks? Or does your tank system have to be Operational waste water treatment to be cleaned at regular intervals? Our specialist waste disposal companies will provide you with expert support in this step. As a service we also offer you the cleaning of tank systems so that your plants continue to meet the proper requirements. If necessary, we pump residual contents out of the tanks and store or dispose these liquids for you. Should you wish to disassemble other systems, please do not hesitate to contact us. We will check your inquiry and advise you on your disposal issue.

- tank systems for photographic chemicals
- X-ray machines
- Fuel oil tanks

- image-processing facilities
- collection/storage tanks
- desilvering plants
- water treatment systems
- fuel oil tanks

- fuel oil tanks
- water treatment systems

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