The EVG group offers cost-efficient, sustainable and tailor-made disposal solutions for the photo industry. We use advanced chemical-physical treatment plants and do that without classical combustion techniques to protect the environment. By recovering secondary materials within the process, these can be returned to the economic cycle. Your used photographic chemicals (e.g. bleach-fixing baths) will be collected from your premises by our specialist disposal companies and professionally recycled. We will be happy to provide you with appropriate collection containers. You change from the “wet” developed to the printed image and would like to dismantle your system? we would be pleased to take over this service for you.

- Photochemicals, stabilizer baths
- Film extensions
- Photographic paper
- Solvent mixtures
- Printing ink, ink, toner cartridges
- Packaging with harmful residues, empty containers, canisters, barrels
- Suction and filter materials
- Spray cans, compressed gas containers

- Fixing baths, bleach-fixing baths, developer solutions
- Photographic films
- Printing inks, ink
- Packaging with harmful buildup, empty containers, canisters

- Used Photochemistry
- Lead foils
- Industrial film, X-ray film
- Spray cans, compressed gas containers

- old chemistry
- circuit board film
- mounting foils

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