We offer you cost-effective, sustainable and tailor-made solutions for the disposal of waste from the medical sector.

We offer hospitals, medical practices and practices from the various areas of dentistry and veterinary medicine certified, professional and safe recycling of X-ray chemistry, X-ray films and all other waste arising in connection with the treatment of patients. In addition, our industry services also include archive clearance by our staff. You only need to monitor the emptying of your archive and we take care of all other work. Your waste will be collected from your premises by our specialist disposal companies and professionally recycled. Our vehicle fleet is also ideally suited for the collection of small quantities in pedestrian zones and downtown areas. Is your practice changing from analogue to digital X-ray? We would be happy to dismantle your old plant on site for you.

- X-ray chemicals
- X-ray film, CT film, MRT film, old files
- infectious waste, body and organ waste, cytostatic drugs
- old drugs
- sharp objects, wound and gypsum waste

- fixing baths, developer solutions
- old films, data protection material
- infectious waste
- syringes and needles

- old chemistry
- X-rays, data carriers
- amalgam separators, plug residues, capsules, extracted teeth
- plaster casts, syringes, cannulas
- lead aprons

- archive clearance
- old files, X-ray films

- fixing baths, developing baths
- infectious waste from veterinary medicine
- radiographs
- sharp objects

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