Destruction of files and data carriers

Whether films, x-rays, old files or data carriers, the advanced and environmentally friendly technology of our recycling plants guarantees that all personal data is destroyed when secondary raw materials are recovered in accordance with the strict requirements of the EU Data Protection Basic Regulation. The X-ray images of our customers are shredded and subjected to an enzymatic washing bath in our own film washing facility. During this process, the evaporated silver halide layer is removed from the film carrier material. After this treatment, the PET carrier material is washed and your data destroyed.

The companies naturally observe all legal data protection regulations, the employees of the EVG Group are regularly trained by our data protection officer and our locations are checked. In the field of film recycling and data carrier destruction, we offer you cost-efficient, sustainable and tailor-made solutions, which also include archive clearance by our employees. Your film waste, patient files and data carriers are collected from your premises and professionally recycled in approved collection and transport containers by our specialist disposal companies. We will be happy to visit you on site and after checking the local conditions, advise you on how to clear your archives without hindering your daily work processes. Please do not hesitate to contact us in this regard.

- X-ray film, CT film, MRT film
- old files, data carriers
- hard disks, data processor, computers

- film extension, photographic films
- order envelopes, data carriers
- computers, hard drives

- X-rays, industrial film
- files, data carriers

- repro film positive, repro film negative, mounting foils
- data protection material, data carriers

- industrial film, reprofilm, assembly films
- data protection material, data carriers

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