EVG Group

We always meet the challenge of your disposal request day after day. The EVG Group’s services for the collection and recycling of hazardous and non-hazardous waste are provided by its four specialist waste disposal companies and additional regional partners. This enables us to offer and implement a wide range of transport, disposal and recycling services throughout Germany.

EVG Group

nationwide, environmentally friendly und certified waste disposal


„There is no way too far for the high-quality, efficient and qualified exploitation of old films."

(Managing Director Thorsten Pötke)

In addition to our business relationships with waste disposal companies in Germany, we maintain partnerships with companies in Europe. These cooperations open up the possibility of expertly transporting and recycling X-ray images and old films as well as photographic chemicals from the countries of Central and Southeastern Europe. We want to constantly expand this cooperation in order to pursue our ambitious goal: To collect old films worldwide in the long term and to use them at our NAVEG GmbH facility.


Our waste disposal partners provide all transport and recycling services for our customers in regions where the EVG Group is not represented with its own locations. Your pick-up orders are placed centrally by Gekom and will be provided to the single companies, so we optimize the transports and avoid wrong journeys. The listed companies maintain a long-standing, family-oriented cooperation with the companies of EVG.